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Malleable iron pipe fittings species profile

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Malleable iron pipe fittings species profile

Malleable iron pipe fittings are galvanized pipe and two non-galvanized pipe fittings, in indoor water supply, hot water supply extensive engineering application. Tube specifications for the DN6-DN150, connected to the tube are made of threaded connections.

Common malleable iron pipe fittings are:

Pipe Fittings (1) for the straight line connecting the two equal diameter pipes, such as ferrule.

(2) for a line connecting two different diameter pipe fittings, such as reducers.

(3) pipe fittings for turning and turning and adjustable, such as 45 ° elbow and 90 ° elbow equal or different diameters.

(4) for the pipe from big to smaller or larger by a small tube, such as internal and external female midges (also called bushing).

(5) When installing a small distance, for connecting internal thread of the same diameter pipe or pipe valves, such hex connector.

(6) for plugging the pipe fittings series clogged head or inlet duct on the reserve, such as the plug.

(7) for connecting or disconnecting the tube, from the removable fittings such as the role of union.

(8) for locking the outer pipe joints or other, often with long thread, ferrule fittings, such as supporting the use of locking too mother (also known as the root parent).

In addition to these fittings, as well as three, four, pipe caps.


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