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Malleable iron pipe fittings tin layer properties and uses

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Malleable iron pipe fittings tin layer properties and uses
Tin low melting point, and easy welding is the most common Plating on the part of the flux. Tin is also very easy to balance eutectoid, so more demanding fluxing tin layer immediately went to Riga lead. Tin is also very easy by the action of a mirror-like plating additives luster, there is also a decorative effect.
Tin potential more negative (a 0.136V), but not enough under the conditions of atmospheric corrosion of forming a sacrificial anode protection. However, in a sealed canned food organic media can play the role of sacrificial anode, and non-toxic to humans, so every year for the production of tin-plated steel sheet metal production of tin food cans and food containers aspect accounts for a tin production a large proportion.
Tin plating layer in the air is not easy to change color and anti-sulfur good effect, but also excellent conductivity, so commonly used in the protection of copper cables and electrical devices to prevent sulfur corrosion. Since the tin plating layer is soft and malleable chilly, many common parts tin to prevent the activities of strain, hysteresis dead, but also for reducing wear and seals, including lubrication during cold deformation. Many use a variety of piston, thread and other tin. It is because of the wide use of tin, so it is necessary stripping plate and also a lot of artifacts.


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